Paella Forum is the most specialised event of Wikipaella, where the aim is for professionals from the sector to learn and discover new aspects that can be beneficial in their daily life.


In this fourth edition, entitled “The Secrets of #PaellaAtHome”, the focus was on the opportunities offered by consumption at home. Through the example of notable professionals (David Bosch, Rafa Margós, Manuel Velarte, Juanjo García, Ramón y Álvaro Portolés, Clara Montesinos, Lola Aguilella, David Montero, Rafa Vidal), many of whom have re- branded using prepared dishes or new sales processes for their paellas, different business paths were shown for a situation that is particularly tough due to the pandemic.

The event was completely digital for the first time and was broadcast live from the Las Naves innovation centre. You can watch it live using the BIDI code.



At the third edition, the speeches dealt with paella as tangible heritage of the people of Valencia and the importance of the use of saffron as opposed to food colouring, essential for an excellent paella. There was also a masterclass by Bërnd Knoller, a Michelin Star chef, and a live cooking demonstration by the paella master Galbis.



At this year second annual event, a range of interesting discoveries concerning Paella were made, and many different bussines opportunities concerning traditional valencian gastronomy and its products were generated. At last year’s event, Paella Forum benefited from the invaluable help provided by Honorary Wikipaella Members (Rafa Vidal, Juan Carlos Galbis) and other prestigious professionals (Josep Piera, Purificación García, Raúl Cob) to organize workshops, talks and conferences.



Paella Forum was launched with excellence as its goal. It is a yearly encounter aimed mainly at hostelry establishments and gourmet consumers, paella´s greatest embassadors. Talks and conferences are held, focusing on analysing and spreading information, in this inaugural event, via three fundamental pillars: product (Mª José San Román, Héctor Molina), preparation (Rafa Margós, Rafa Vidal) and service (Javier Andrés, Iñaki Suárez).